Where are Portrait Resolutions?

Am I the only one who would like portrait resolutions in Manycam? These days more and more people are watching videos video chatting on phones and iPads in portrait mode. Why can’t we have an “inverse” resolution in Manycam? So instead of 1080x720, I’d like 720x1080. FaceTime, Skype, zoom, etc. on mobile devices rotate the output when he screen is rotated so it’s annoying that if I’m using Manycam, I don’t have that option.


Hey @Robert

We’re actually planning on adding portrait resolutions soon!
We will make a forum post when it’s close to ready.

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Awesome! Very exciting news.

Is portrait resolution feature ready?
I wanna use manycam to simulate camera on iPhone. So, the portrait resolution support is the only reason I would subscribe manycam.

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It took 3 months. How long should we wait for this feature?

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Hi Guys, I really need this portrait mode, any update on when it will be delivered. I just purchased the lifetime license assuming it was included and was surprised that it wasn’t. Many thanks Chris

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Hi Chris, 9 months passed… any progress about potrait resolution?
We need it, especially nowaday everyone use phone more

Wow over a year and it’s a necessary feature for my streaming to IG, Periscope, and Twitch. Come on guys

Please I want to be streaming movies in portrait view, full screen. How can I achieve this?

Wow how long does it take to flip a resolution?

Still waiting on this feature.

I will purchase a license when portrait mode is available.
Hoping to be informed.

2 years have passed, and loads of content now is mobile and vertical. But still this program does not have such obvious feature :(((

Come On Manycam, release the vertical function, nowadays a lot of applications use only the vertical orientation

Frankly speaking, I had to switch to your competitors’ software, as vertical frames are a must for me.

I’m also looking for one that has vertical frames, I don’t intend to renew my subscription with manycam

Any updates? Still waiting… 2 years have passed…

Still waiting… looking for it

since manycam dont want that feature, anyone knows an alternative?