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Where are Portrait Resolutions?

Update please? This is a must feature

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Vouch ++

I was going to make my own topic but saw yours, so here’s a bump

It’s 2022, how does MC not have portrait mode yet?

I’ve known about MC for years and finally caved in to buy a license today but honestly going to request a refund cus I’m unable to find what I’m looking for

For example, Bluestacks supports MC by finding the video source and making it the default in their emulator

But MC’s aspect ratio doesn’t fit mobile and it looks awful, please can we finally get some support for this in MC 8

Kind regards,

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Can you tell me which software you switched? Thanks

Switch to OBS. It’s free, way more powerful, and has the ability to do a “portrait“ resolution.

OBS, out of the box isn’t compatible with emulators, just want to mention that for people that are reading this. Their “virtual camera” isn’t picked up and detected the same way Manycam is for example

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OBS works just fine out of the box for Mac and PC. PC used to need a small, free plugin, but now it works fine out of the box.

I use it with Zoom daily. No issues. Way better CPU usage compared to Manycam. Way more powerful. Free. I have a lifetime subscription for Manycam and don’t use it.

If you find to make OBS work with emulators, please share :pray:

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