What would you like to see next in ManyCam?

Hey everyone!

Recently we’ve released ManyCam 7 for Windows and Mac and we have some cool new things in the pipeline including new features and performance enhancements I think everyone will benefit from. But throughout the launch, we’ve seen a tonne of great suggestions from you.

Some of these suggestions are:

  • Rounded PiP layers (Or the ability to round corners of layers)
  • The ability to crop layers (Including PiP)
  • The ability to rotate layers (Including PiP)
  • Vertical resolutions (9:16 for example, mainly for mobile videos)
  • Custom resolutions (The ability to set your own resolution)
  • Videos as backgrounds for Chroma Key
  • Support RGB+A videos with transparencies.

And we’re definitely seeing everything you post or suggest!

I would like to use this thread to continue the conversation regarding the above feature requests and anything else you may want to suggest, so please let us know what you want to see next in ManyCam.

Definitely alpha support for videos!


Hey @ravenhorus

By Alpha support do you mean the ability to adjust the Alpha level of a specific layer?

No, I mean to support alpha channel, if I add a video with alpha channel it displays alpha as black instead of being a transparent background to let me introduce animations (Facebook, YouTube usernames for example) without having to process it with a colored background and then eliminating it via chroma and consuming more CPU

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Ah I see, adding to the main post this is a good idea, I never really see people playing with these types of videos so I never really thought about that.

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  • the ability to use video as effects (like gifs)
  • auto-looping of video
  • background effects
    • for example, Group a knitted hat effect (foreground) and falling snow video (background)…Makes for an Instant winter scene for a talking-head stream
  • facerig-like effects (talking animals and etc)
  • load browser content from url, as a layer or effect (for loading html5games into ManyCam)
  • fix youtube integration (if possible)
  • hotkeys for any/all objects
  • sparse (or configurable) workspace for teaching with ESL apps…not unlike photoshop or final cut pro
  • applescript/other integration
  • ability to extend ManyCam with custom ‘community-written’ code
  • ability to trigger individual sounds (not playlist)
  • vocal effects (delay, reverb, pitch shift, and etc)

Hi @ravenhorus!

Could you please provide a video sample with an alpha channel?

possibility to change manycam microphone name. Some sites block manycam