Virtual Webcam no Longer Works

We have moved to online learning now and I found it difficult to manage so many windows and screens while giving lectures and doing demos. So I purchased Manycam last week for my Mac, everything was working great, I really loved it. That was until Friday night when the Virtual Webcam disappeared after working fine for 3-days.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times, rebooted many times. The Manycam Webcam will still not show up in Photo Booth, Zoom, Skype, none of them.

Does anyone know how to fix this or if there are any good replacements for Mancam> My students mentioned OBS and CamTwist.

Thank you.

Have you updated zoom and skype recently? they all introduced new security that blocks many cam. the developers are not responding to the issue. this happened with OBS as well. dont even try cam twist it is archaic and doesnt work either.

Hey everyone,

It seems that Skype, Zoom and a bunch of other applications had to enable something called library validation. This can be seen here: Library Validation

The problem here is, for example, with Zoom, this restriction blocks any plugins that aren’t digitally signed by either Apple or Zoom to not function.

In the past, the Google Chrome team added a way to securely move the webcam capture module to a new process and then they removed this restriction for that process.

This is why ManyCam can now function with Google Chrome on MacOS but not Zoom and such. We’re trying to get in touch with Apple, Zoom, Skype and anyone else that has this issue so we can try and resolve it for everyone. This is a problem that affects not only ManyCam, but anyone who develops virtual webcam software.

We hope that we can have this resolved soon for our MacOS users and we’re working on this problem from a bunch of different angles.


In the meantime, does anyone know how to downgrade Skype for business? Can’t find an older version online :confused:

EDIT: Thank you Time Machine!!

Not that it’s a great option, but I’m using the ManyCam Full-Screen mode, then sharing that Full-Screen window until I find another alternative.

Here’s a workaround I spotted.

Update April 17th, 2020: Thanks to Patrick Wardle who helped me figure out that if you unsign the latest version of Zoom on MacOS, it allows these 3rd party libraries to load. I have confirmed Wirecast virtual camera and Blackmagic devices show up after unsigning on the current latest which is 4.6.11 Steps below.

  1. Update Zoom to the latest version
  2. Install Xcode via Terminalxcode-select --install
  3. Once installed make sure Zoom is closed and run this in Terminalcodesign --remove-signature /Applications/
  4. Launch Zoom and try virtual cam or Blackmagic capture device



This worked just as advertised! Thank you!

Thank you for fixing this!

I was able to run the following. Afterwards, everything worked great.

sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/

Hi @vg1943,

Alternatively you can install older version of Zoom:

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Given that hard realtime is about to be hard required by Apple to notorize your apps, is seems like virtual cams have been hammered by Apple. Has Apple provided any guidance? I’d love to start using this with my app again, but most users arent going to install Xcode and strip out the signing.

I have the same issue, how to get notified this is fixed? It was working before, some sure it’s webex, or apple or manycam had some updates that mess this up.

The workaround to install a backdated version (4.6.8 or earlier) will NO LONGER BE AN OPTION on May 30 due to a required update that Zoom is enforcing related to a move to GCM Encryption.

I used ManyCam on my MacBook Air on both Zoom and gotomeeting non -stop up until early last week. then I was offline, blew up my computer and now have a new macbook pro. for both gotomeeting and zoom, today, I tried to use the virtual background from ManyCam and it didnt’ work. for gotomeeting, I could see the background but not me - when I used the regular Mac camera it should me and the chroma key screen…

is this problem related to the same issue? is there another solution? we are gotomeeting/gotowebinar subscribers. Thank you for any help!

Hello everyone,

Here’s a quick update with known workarounds:

  1. Skype. Try using the web version (best use it in Chrome):
  2. Webex join from browser:
  3. Zoom: virtual webcams are now enabled in the latest Zoom update.

It’s been a month… any solutions on the horizon? If not, what’s the plan from ManyCam perspective? When can we start asking for refunds?

The virtual webcam is working on Microsoft Teams. But it’s not shown up in Skype. Any updates here? @Chris_MC

I tried Webex on Safari on the Mac, and I’m unable to choose the ManyCam Virtual Camera. So this interim solution does not work for me. Still waiting for a fix!! Possible for ManyCam to chase Cisco (harder) to fix their Webex software?

Hey @Vic,

Safari rarely works with virtual webcams, try Chrome instead. If you get the same problem on Chome, try this guide:

I purchased ManyCam specifically to use with Skype, so this has been a major setback for me. Can you help us understand more about this? On the surface, it sounds like all you’d have to do is notarize your app. Is that impossible?

Any update on progress to get ManyCam to work with Skype again on Mac?

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