Virtual Camera Disappeared From Microsoft Teams 7.3.1

It is vital that I get a response asap. I have a lifetime license to Manycam. I use Manycam every month to deliver an All Hands (all company) presentation (with video) and my virtual camera has disappeared within Microsoft Teams. I am on a MacBook with the latest OS (Catalina) and recently upgraded to the latest Manycam (7.3.1). My presentation is tomorrow morning. I need help today with either fixing the problem or finding an older version of Manycam that I can install. Thank you!

I am just a user, and I do not use a Mac, but thought I might suggest something that you may not have tried.

In addition to the usual (rebooting, trying to re-install Manycam, etc.), I was going to suggest to rename and/or add another virtual camera to see if that helps at all.

If you haven’t already, make sure you send a direct technical support request to ManyCam:

I hope you get your issue figured out! Good luck.


Thank you so much for responding and thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately the rename did not work. I am IMing with support to see what can be done. I have re-installed Manycam, rebooted, and signed out of Teams and back in with no luck. I am supposed to present to 100,000+ people tomorrow and I have to use the Teams client (Teams live events). The virtual camera shows up in Zoom so apparently it is a compatibility issue with Teams and the latest Manycam release.

Hey @itguy

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