Support for MacOS Sonoma 14.1?

The ManyCam virtual camera won’t work on MacOS Sonoma 14.1. When will there be an updated SW that supports new security settings in 14.1?


I have a lifetime version 7 license and video device is not showing on MacOS 14.1.

It was working on MacOS 14. I need an update. I cannot update because unfortunately version 8 doesn’t have a lifetime license.

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I have version 8 and the virtual webcam no longer shows up following MacOS 14.1 update. I tried reinstalling and everything else I can think of. Is this a known issue? Seems like both version 7 and 8 are affected.

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Just updated to Sonoma and many cam
and my iPad will no longer show under cameras so I can no longer teach! …nightmare :frowning:

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Hello! I had the same issue with installation of Sonoma on my Mac. I found a work-around from Apple to allow the system to recognize virtual cameras again. Sonoma had a security ‘upgrade’ that creates the issue we are experiencing here. ManyCam on Zoom is functioning as it had in the past once I followed these easy steps from Apple.

I have a month full of virtual workshops and this saved me from having a boring old school Zoom training. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the fix!

Hmmm, didn’t work for me although I successfully entered the command. I wonder why it still won’t show up :thinking: