[SOLVED] Recording Video

I have been trying to use ManyCam to record (not live stream yet) with the presets and overlays and all the features. The issue I am having is that when recording, the audio always crackles and pops and the video always glitches when watching the playback.

I have tried various settings for audio and video but nothing seems to resolve.

Windows 10
Latest version of ManyCam

Any advice?

The problem I am having with Manycam records involves importing them into Avid or Premiere for editing. The audio is always out of sync. The files play OK in VLC player, however.

I’m not sure Manycam records with a constant or a variable frame rate.

My workaround requires running all files through Handbrake using a constant frame rate setting, then they can be imported to either of my editing programs and audio remains
in sync.

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Interesting. Yeah, I have to record video into Audition also just so I know I will have clean sound. I can then sync that to my manyCam footage so at least audio is good. It’s just that the vidoe is always glitchy.

I am also using Adobe Premiere (CC)

Perhaps we could have a compatibility mode… Zoom calls it to make it compatible for editing software or something of that nature.

Locks the framerate at 30 Frames per second or whatever rate you choose. I phones have something similar to make the footage edit ready in Premiere or Avid or other edit software.

Hot Dog I think I found it!!! I turned off the hardware acceleration for the show we did last night and FINALLY got a clean video file.
It’s a switch that was on by default so I had just left it.

Have another show coming up next week, will duplicate there and check to be sure but I am hopeful.

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