Lag persists after 720p

I have a both 1080 and 4K capable cameras. I noticed that if I switch to 1080 resolution mode that the recordings lag and are basically unusable. I did all the adjustments to audio timing, etc, available in the software listed in support knowledge base but no change (or it got even worse). Why is this happening and how can it be fixed so I can use higher resolutions?

Thank you,
walter swaim

Hi Walter

When you say your recordings lag do you mean the audio goes out of sync? What are you using to play the recording back on for example VLC player etc. or are you trying to play them after you imported them to editing software like Adobe Premiere?

Manycam does not record at a constant framerate therefore when you import a file into editing software it can’t play it back smoothly. There are workarounds that use free software. and there is a thread about it Video Fixed Frame Rate Recording Request
and here Recording Video

If your glitching problem is occurring when playing the file back in something like VLC player it may mean that your computer’s CPU was overloaded and it was trying to do the best it could even though it was at or close 100 percent use.

Yes, the audio lags a second or two behind the recording. The higher the resolution (such as from 720 to 1080 or 4K) the worse/slower the lag or out-of-sync the audio is to the video. I can only use 720 so far. It’s been frustrating not being able to use a higher resolution.

I am using multiple players: first is usually just clicking on the manycam gallery and playing it on its player, then also anything from VLC to WMP or Win 10 player (I don’t have Adobe premier, I am a bit on the budget side as far as tools go). The out of sync occurs on any and all of the players used.

So far, no matter what I empty out of memory cache (i.e., only running ManyCam, no other programs at the same time) I still can only use 720p and never 1080. My videos also seem to come out very very slightly faded or blurry and not as clear as it looks on the recording screen.

How can this be fixed?

Thank you!