More Animated Masks

I have been through all the mask features and as I recall there are only two animated masks: Masks that move with the user’s expressions. Those are the Donald Trump mask and the Goddess mask. Please, make more animated masks! They are amazing and so cool! I suggest that if it costs you more money and time to make them, sell them as an added feature, an accessory of sorts at a low price. I bet so many people would buy them!

The animated masks I am asking you to create would be harmless, funny, interesting, but not gory or scary. These would appeal to all, children and adults alike. I believe you would make more money if you made more of these animated features available. You could do an advertising campaign and really draw people in by showing users users making all kinds of faces while wearing them.

Hi @Chris_MC,

What do you think about making face mask effects creation tool public to anyone?

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You mean where we can take a mask and make it move like the Goddess mask by creating that ourselves? That would be great! Is that possible? Is it something in your program I am unaware of?

Hey @MissDebra

Check out this post ManyCam Facemask Creator Tool: Create your own 3D Facemasks