ManyCam Facemask Creator Tool: Create your own 3D Facemasks

Hey everyone,

ManyCam Facemask creator tool is now available for download, here the link:

[Download ManyCam Facemask Creator tool]


  • Max mask image must not exceed 4096x4096;
  • The recommended file format is PNG, however, JPG is also supported.

How to use the tool

  1. Find an image for your future facemask and open it via drag&drop or File>Open Image File.

  2. In a few seconds, the tool will map the facial landmarks. Once they are in place, you can start adjusting them. The landmarks can be re-positioned to match the actual facial features.

  3. To save the image, use CTPL+S or File>Save MCV File.

Here you can choose from 3 options:

  1. Face only - the tool will save only the portion of the mask that lays within the face boundaries.

  2. Whole image - the tool will save the entire mask including the parts extending outside the face boundaries. This allows using horns, hats, elongated body parts like bunny ears, etc.

  3. Full frame effect - such effects fill the entire screen, see the example below.

I am looking for the Facemask Creator Tool dmg for Mac… Please don’t keep us out in the cold.

@atbandcamp It is available for Windows only, maybe you can try to run it with WINE.