Manycam will not link to my own groups

I’m seriously losing the will to live. For the life of me Manycam will not link to my own groups but it picks up everyone elses.

I have seen the previous post re this same issue and followed the advice given, but when adding Manycam back into Facebook it doesn’t even give me an option to select the groups I want to show it in.

Please help as I need to go live in my business group and this is really impacting it

So when I click on ‘manage access’ it just has this…

Info you’re sharing with this app:
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Cheryl Bottomley and profile picture

Authored posts and comments
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This app can:
Post content into this group on your behalf

It would also help to have a live chat because I do not get anywhere emailing because it takes so long for anyone to get back to me

Hey @CherylB

Please try this solution: Issues with going live in facebook groups