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ManyCam 8 Beta is out! Dark theme, customizable Lower Thirds, global layers, and more!

Hey folks, ManyCam 8 Beta is finally here, and it has many improvements and new features that you’ve been waiting for, check it out!

Brand New UI
ManyCam 8 has a completely new UI aimed to improve usability and your live video production. It comes with a dark mode and light mode, with more themes coming soon!

Global Layers
On ManyCam 8, layers can now be global and visible across all your scenes, making it easier than ever to use and organize your video presets.

Customizable Titles
Titles are the new lower thirds! With the Titles feature, you can choose between many styles and animations. Each one can be customized and saved as your own.

Be the first to experience all the new features, sign up for ManyCam 8 Beta for free! If you notice any problems or unexpected behavior, feel free to share your feedback with us here, or via Contact page.

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Nice… BUT… where is the download for the check out?

I signed up immediately after I saw this announcement (i.e. some 5 days ago)…


I don’t see a way to download the Beta either. I did signup for it as well.

It is here now… so time for testing…

All changes:


  • Added global layers that are visible across all presets.
  • Added the ability to auto-play a video file when switching to its preset (disabled by default).
  • Added the ability to select virtual background quality.
  • Added the ability to hide layers.
  • Added a built-in collection of downloadable virtual background images and videos (updated regularly).
  • Added options to monitor sounds from audio playlist and video sources (enabled by default).
  • Implemented new UI design and added Dark mode.


  • Titles (Lower Thirds): added new templates, animations, and the ability to move/resize them.
  • Added new templates for the Time widget and improved its sharpness.
  • Optimized performance of non-active presets containing the Webcam, Desktop, and Mobile sources.
  • Increased the RTMP chunk size to reduce network bandwidth usage when streaming.
  • Improved performance when running multiple (>20) presets simultaneously.
  • Improved live preview rendering performance (added OpenGL mode).
  • Improved accessibility of audio sources (including audio from layers).
  • Improved accessibility of audio and video playlists.
  • Added the ability to set custom Titles for each preset.
  • Added the ability to add more than one Text object per preset.
  • Added the ability to re-order the Text, Time, and Effects objects.


  • Fixed an issue where the recorded file could become corrupted if a recording was paused.
  • Fixed an issue where audio and video feeds could get out of sync when streaming through RTMP connection.
  • Fixed an issue where ManyCam couldn’t stream to YouTube due to the OpenH264 codec compatibility issues.
  • Added support for metadata rotation flags.
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My first impression is pretty positive. I struggled a bit where to find menus etc but that is expected with a new UI. The main thing I see missing that I see many have requested is MIDI shortcuts. You might be able to go to Bome Software and get their MIDI SDK (BMIDI) to enable MIDI support on ManyCam.

In the meantime, I have to used much more expensive software like vMix to get MIDI shortcut support.

It does seem like the new version of software puts less of a load on my 8 year old PC. Maybe I can start using it now with ManyCam instead of my newer PC. Right now I use the newer PC for streaming and the older one for most of my base (less demanding) applications.

ManyCam Beta Version 8 Observations:

  • In settings, one may toggle on the Dark Mode or off for the Light Mode user interface. (During testing, in Light Mode some Menu bar icons were hidden.)

  • The Audio sources clearly shows your volume with a color bar.

  • New, Titles, formerly call Lower Thirds, is now preset specific with the option to fade away after several seconds. Also, the Titles are sizable.

  • You can add multiple Text boxes and enable scrolling of the text.

  • The Effects and your ability to drag and drop animate Gifs onto your live view or edited preset has not changed.

  • The Draw option in the main menu no longer has the highlights option, however it is available in Overlay Mode.

  • In the Draw option, the Blur effect seems buggy.

  • Missing from ManyCam Beta 7.10 is the Guest Feature.

For those who might like to see ManyCam Beta 8 in use, click on the link: First Look at ManyCam Beta 8

Enjoy! :blush: