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ManyCam 8 Beta is out! Dark theme, customizable Lower Thirds, global layers, and more!

@ik_zelf Not yet, but I heard the work is in progress. Anyway the update has a lot of new stuff ManyCam | Live video software & Virtual Webcam

First beta with new virtual camera extension is available in beta.

  • Still beta, may not work properly
  • You need macOS 12
  • After installation of ManyCam, you need to run the app and it will show you the dialog below. You need to select “Open Security Preferences”, not OK!

  • Then you need to click on Lock icon, enter password and click on Allow:

  • This will make new camera named "ManyCam Virtual Webcam Extension" available for apps.

  • To uninstall ManyCam completely, you need to use “Uninstall”, allow all permissions it asks and reboot.

thanks for the update. So it is correct that it is not working on ventura? (13.0.1)