Lifetime Sub no longer valid - Manycam 8+

So, after using the beta for a while now, suddenly it tells me that my lifetime sub isnt valid for manycam 8 or higher.

There is no longer any lifetime pricing listed on their site.

They’ve basically sold lifetime subscriptions and spontaneously stopped supporting them in releases going forward.

Bait & Switch trash move. I’m disgusted.


MANYCAM 8 is a Rip Off-!!!

For all of us who have supported this company with a Premium Lifetime Subscription, of which I had purchased two, I feel very let down that my subscription of a ‘Premium Lifetime’ does not apply to version 8? Yet, for all the other versions up until v7 and its updates it applied. I cant work this one out. How can they charge for a Lifetime Subscription, which at the time included ALL FUTURE UPDATES, now not count with version 8.

Am I the only one who has fallen fowl of this Company? It seems they are Judge, Jury and Executioner when it comes to changing their policies, forgetting their loyal customers who paid good money for them to exist. If this is how they treat their loyal customers, just think what they must be like to work for! I pity their employees. If nothing else, ManyCam has FAILED to honour all customers who purchased a Premium Lifetime Subscription! Shame on you!!!


Also pissed off and disgusted by this, if they want to no longer sell lifetime subscriptions it’s fine as long as they HONOR current subscribers.


They fixed it!!! They replied back to my email inquiry and said it was a temporary glitch. Any case, I was able to activate it this morning.

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Temporary glitch doesn’t cause rewording of Terms of Service. I haven’t received any response to my email or tweet as of yet, so I will wait on reinstalling to verify.

Thanks for the update, Paul.

Paul, can you confirm you didn’t just get a 1year complimentary sub and that you still have a lifetime sub listed?

Lifetime sub holders are receiving the following email:

Hi there,

Thank you for your request. With ManyCam’s change of ownership, we will no longer be selling Lifetime subscriptions. If you are a current Lifetime subscription holder, you still have Lifetime access to both ManyCam 7 as well as ManyCam Lite, which still possess all the features you know and love. To access the new and improved ManyCam 8 version, you must have an active yearly or 2 year subscription.

As a part of our loyalty program, we would like to grant you 1 year of ManyCam 8 Annual for free, which covers all ManyCam 8 versions and updates.

  • This offer is completely free of charge (no extra payment is required).
  • Your original subscription will not be terminated if you take advantage of this offer.
  • The free subscription provided within this offer covers all ManyCam products starting ManyCam 7.

To take advantage of this offer:

  1. Navigate to ManyCam App Settings > Subscriptions and press Refresh.

  2. Find a newly added 1-year subscription on the list and enable it.

Download links:

Thank you for understanding!

Best Regards,
ManyCam Support

I refreshed my licenses and it still says “Lifetime”, haven’t gotten that email, yet.

I am really annoyed, this is not a correct behaviour.

I have temporally downgraded and reinstalled version 7.10 so my life time subscription is activated again.

I was recommending ManyCam to many people, but now I am getting used to OBS which at the beginning is hard to manage but it’s a lot more powerful and the community willing to help.

So I am interested in either a reimbursement and forget about it.
Or the promised life time access to all future versions without additional payments or fees.


I began using OBS now as well since they now support virtual web cam. I find that with Microsoft TEAMS the video is pixelated unless you’re actually doing a screenshare and selecting the virtual web cam as the sharing source - then it’s perfect.

Hello everyone,

As you all already know, due to ManyCam’s change of ownership, the company has stopped selling Lifetime subscriptions. With this change, all current Lifetime subscriptions are limited to ManyCam 7 and ManyCam Lite. However, if you are a Lifetime subscription holder, you can get 1 year of ManyCam 8 Annual for free per each paid Lifetime subscription you own as a part of our loyalty program.

Taking this offer will not affect any of your existing subscriptions, meaning you will still be able to activate ManyCam 7 and Lite with your current Lifetime subscription.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Support via this form.

About Lite support. There was a glitch where Lifetime customers couldn’t activate ManyCam Lite - this has already been fixed. If you still experience any problems with activating Lite, please let us know via this form.

All existing paid Lifetime subscriptions support ManyCam 7 as well as ManyCam Lite, which are available for download here, along with ManyCam 8 for Windows:

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@Mikhail — I emailed stating that I had a Premium Lifetime subscription including documentation and I had just purchased the Annual Two-year Subscription to unlock ManyCam 8. The next day I received an email stating that I have been giving a One-year Annual Subscription to ManyCam 8 and that I would be credited to my credit card my purchase. While I would like to have had my Lifetime Subscription totally remain in effect with all versions of ManyCam, at least I received a new free One-year Annual Subscription.

Thank you ManyCam! :blush:

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@JayBeeOH Thanks for reaching out. Your new 1-year license has been added to your account, and your recent 2-year purchase has been reversed. Please let me know if you need any further help.

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What part of the word LIFETIME is confusing to this scam company? From your own website

Will I get all future versions and updates of ManyCam for free?
ManyCam Lifetime subscription plans. Any paid ManyCam Lifetime subscription allows you to upgrade the ManyCam software for free whenever a newer version of ManyCam is released, i.e. with ManyCam Lifetime, you will get lifetime access to all future versions and updates of the ManyCam application for free, which includes access to the paid ManyCam features available in your subscription plan (Standard, Studio, Premium, Enterprise, Education). ManyCam Lifetime subscription plans are a one-time payment, no renewal or other fees included.


I did’t received this email, and manycam lite on my PC still couldn’t activate, I send a email to your support team, and no one respones to it, what should i do ? Tell me.

This is NOT the way you treat your customers.
The correct way would be to grandfather in Lifetime subscribers and let the new subscription model be for new users. Or AT LEAST give us a minimum of 10 year free use.

I have bought Studio Lifetime and upgraded to Premium Lifetime. And do not even get a full year of use before I need to convert to a subscription to continue to get updates?

I do believe my lifetime is more than ONE YEAR!!


I have the same issue, bait and switch for sure…

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Adding my disgust at this bait and switch. Supported ManyCam for years. Bought a lifetime sub, now they yank away the football. And at some point I suspect version 7 will cease functioning forcing our hand. E-mails go unreturned.

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Like everyone else here, I signed up for the lifetime subscription with the clear understanding that all future updates would be free. (See screenshot below from their website).


I bought manycam 7 during the pandemic since [Lifetime Sub] was a pretty good offer at that time. But when I logged it today I was shocked as well. Now I can’t even used the background feature since it is a sub feature… I am just curious how other people decided. Keep 7 on old computer and make 8 on the other or simply just use 7 instead? I literally paid 80 euros for nothing… How is 1 year free sub suffice?


I cannot make the ManyCam7 installation from the link to work.
Upgraded til 8 yesterday, and - like most ppl here - got fairly frustrated when i found out that 8 “doesnt work with my lifetime subscription”.
When I click the .exe file it just unpacks. But the software is not installed.

What do I do wrong?