Lifetime Sub no longer valid - Manycam 8+

Long time back, I buy ManyCam version 4 lifetime subscription and then later come again new version 6 omg I buy that also again because that cold not work…
now I can’t use the old version code for version 7, I can’t find the software for old version.

Now I use version 6 code to version 7 but can’t use version 8…

ManyCam can support for me for the old version code to use. Can’t always buy every new version.

If I claim version 8? Do I lose my lifetime subscript???
I not want lose my lifetime.

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I can’t believe this, seriously. I’ve been with ManyCam Studio LIFETIME subscription since 2018 then I upgraded to the Premium LIFETIME subscription. Then I became an advocate for the company and recommended its purchase to at least 200 teachers for my online company. I’ve made you guys a pretty penny over the years and now I’m locked out of upgrades at the snap of a finger, for what? So I suppose my LIFETIME subscription only lasts as long as ManyCam 7 is supported and eventually DIES. So now I’m about to downgrade back to ManyCam 7, which obviously will become more and more obsolete over the next few years, until eventually it’s useless. I’m super SUPER annoyed.


that’s true, the same issue, i do have already buy two time… first time i buy work only for v4 manycam… that software no more available… then i again manycam studio v5 + that one supporting v7 now… no one know… when its Dies that’s software…
now available v8.1 but i can’t use my one them key… but they give option 2 year subscription…
WTF for what use that, if key to lose… they should make give same version for lifetime subscription or maintain one software for lifetime user upgrade.


This is complete crap. I have a lifetime studio plan as well and supported this company for years. New ownership doesn’t invalidate current contracts. They should at least offer 1 lesser version of 8 to lifetime members for life. Like in my case at the very least they should say I can use 8 standard for life even though I am at studio now. That would have still been crap but at least it would make an attempt to uphold the lifetime agreement. I’ll be using my time to find a competitor now and stop recommending this software to others as I have been over the years due to this terrible treatment of customers.

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So what are the next steps, ManyCam? To sue you in many different countries? Writing bad reviews all over the internet? Come on, react an give you loyal customers REAL LIFETIME subscriptions. Thanks!

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It´s a shame. I bought 2 Lifetime subscriptions (Studio + Premium) and now im locked out to use the up to date version 8?
Do you think that you will get applause, if you treat your customer like that?


I am very disappointed and based on the photos posted showing screenshots above, clear statements of the company at the time of purchase toward all updates…I do not feel this is justified.

Today, I almost lost my job because accident hit upgrade from Lifetime ver when my working laptop connected to my cellphone, without warning ver 8 can’t activate. After 30 minutes read on webside, I need deleted ver 8 and find ver 7 to reinstalled it. Can’t down load from their company, but find one off line. Take me a hour and my church boardcast completely late. Really disappointed this company treat me. I will find another software and never using my Manycam lifetime (lifetime? Just 2 years) or it relate.

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Hi folks,

I’m looking into filing a class action lawsuit against Manycam ULC for breach of contract based on the terms agreed to at the time of purchase of the Lifetime License. If you are interested in joining this action, please let me know. I will post updates here.


Manycam is the worst scam company.