Improving the Chroma Key (How to?)

How do I improve the Chroma key in Manycam? Regardless of tweaking, I get strange jagged constantly moving pixels dancing around my head and figure outline.
Blur, Shrink, Manually setting the chroma sliders––nothing looks reasonably good.

I have professional green screen background (sadly, 5 inches away) a 14" diameter LED Ring Light, and a Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam.
I’m using the setup for online teaching.

In Final Cut Pro (same setup), the chrome key looks great…in draft mode…with no tweaking whatsoever. I understand it’s going to look much better in final cut–b/c it’s production-centric software.

That said, is there some kind of setting (or approach) that will allow ManyCam to do a better chroma key? Or, can the chroma be done outside of Manycam? I’m open to anything.


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Hey @Graham_Anderson,

Have you seen new beta version with improved Chroma Key (win only): ?

I haven’t––I’m on a mac. I’m afraid to run ManyCam in a virtual environment!
It is good news that ManyCam is re-working its Chroma Key.

:point_right: To ManyCam Staff and/or @Mikhail , I’d be thrilled to be a Mac Beta Tester–especially for the Chroma Key updates.

Thanks @Graham_Anderson,
The Mac version will also have a lot of improvements and new features, including the new Chroma key. I’ll let you know once the Mac Beta is released.

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I just subscribed to the Studio ‘level’ for ManyCam and am trying it for the first time, coming from Zoom. My green screen works great with Zoom, but on ManyCam with Chroma, it’s not great when it works, and it’s really hard to get it to work much at all. I’m hoping improvements will come quickly, because this is very disappointing.

I’m having problems with the quality of chroma key too.

See my forum post for my experience.

[New user: How to delete distortions on chroma key green screen background (screenshots provided)]

@ij258 Please check my post again. I was provided with the information to cleanup chroma key / green screen and I’m very satisfied with the results.