Improving the Chroma Key (How to?)

How do I improve the Chroma key in Manycam? Regardless of tweaking, I get strange jagged constantly moving pixels dancing around my head and figure outline.
Blur, Shrink, Manually setting the chroma sliders––nothing looks reasonably good.

I have professional green screen background (sadly, 5 inches away) a 14" diameter LED Ring Light, and a Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam.
I’m using the setup for online teaching.

In Final Cut Pro (same setup), the chrome key looks great…in draft mode…with no tweaking whatsoever. I understand it’s going to look much better in final cut–b/c it’s production-centric software.

That said, is there some kind of setting (or approach) that will allow ManyCam to do a better chroma key? Or, can the chroma be done outside of Manycam? I’m open to anything.


Hey @Graham_Anderson,

Have you seen new beta version with improved Chroma Key (win only): ?

I haven’t––I’m on a mac. I’m afraid to run ManyCam in a virtual environment!
It is good news that ManyCam is re-working its Chroma Key.

:point_right: To ManyCam Staff and/or @Mikhail , I’d be thrilled to be a Mac Beta Tester–especially for the Chroma Key updates.

Thanks @Graham_Anderson,
The Mac version will also have a lot of improvements and new features, including the new Chroma key. I’ll let you know once the Mac Beta is released.

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