How to change the default minimal resolution?

I am using ManyCam as the source for Zoom meetings. I noticed that Zoom in all circumstances picks up the lowest resolution from the camera, to save bandwidth, apparently. Even if it is set to use “HD” it would pick the Lowest of HD.

My ManyCam is fed from several cameras and the top layer is formed by a 4k feed. When I choose resolution on ManyCam I can select 4K and turn off all lower resolutions EXCEPT the 1280x70! And this is the resolution my Zoom picks every time. So much for 4K camreas and 4K ManyCam :frowning: It does not matter what I do and how I change the sources for ManyCam, it seems to have 1280x720 as the default resolution which cannot be changed to the any other one, I can only add resolutioins above and below, not turn off this damn 720p. Am I missing something? Can I set THE ONLY available resolution produced by ManyCam to 1080p, at least? How do I turn off 720p if I do not want to use it? The switch literally ignores attempts to turn it off, other resolutions can be on-off as desired.

Please help, this is a serious issue!

Hey @dibutil

Please see Problems with Manycam and Zoom (Lower resolution of video)

Mikhail, thank you for the reply it is a good refresher.
My question however is still unanswered: HOW DO CHANGE THE RESOLUTION from 720p to anything else? 720p is locked on and I cannot turn it off regardless of which other resolution(s) is selected. And I cannot understand if this is intended behavior or a bug. Please phelp.
My version is the latest, Windows 10 - latest as well.

Yes!!! The new update is out! But it did not fix the issue, still 720p is there and cannot be turned off. Thanks for support of the paying customer.


Looks like I like talking to myself, but I do not.

The questions stays: how can I turn off 720p resolution in favor of any other? The control appears to be locked-on. I do not want and I do not need 720p, I want to turn it off so that ManyCam does not even report it to the consuming application. HOW CAN I DO THAT?