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Don't Upgrade to ManyCam 8!

@garysargent — I, too, have a Lifetime Enterprise license, but had to purchase a new two-year premium license to use version 8 (Beta or Release). I am not happy with ManyCam’s marketing department! :rage:


I don’t have this email with this offer.

Thanks for the links

Hello everyone,

As you all already know, due to ManyCam’s change of ownership, the company has stopped selling Lifetime subscriptions. With this change, all current Lifetime subscriptions are limited to ManyCam 7 and ManyCam Lite. However, if you are a Lifetime subscription holder, you can get 1 year of ManyCam 8 Annual for free per each paid Lifetime subscription you own as a part of our loyalty program.

Taking this offer will not affect any of your existing subscriptions, meaning you will still be able to activate ManyCam 7 and Lite with your current Lifetime subscription.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Support via this form.

About Lite support. There was a glitch where Lifetime customers couldn’t activate ManyCam Lite - this has already been fixed. If you still experience any problems with activating Lite, please let us know via this form.

All existing paid Lifetime subscriptions support ManyCam 7 as well as ManyCam Lite, which are available for download here, along with ManyCam 8 for Windows:

I cannot accept your point of bview. I never agreed (and why would I) to upgrade from a fully working lifetime version to a “TRIAL” that made me lose all settings?

I think it is reasonable to solve version 8 copyright for 1 year. Manycam Registration Confirmed 8. Thank you for your satisfactory feedback.

They can offer no new lifetime for new licences, but can’t change current licence agreements so that what they write on web are now not aplicable. Completly sure that this is not legal.


Yes, disappointing!
They clearly sold lifetime as lifetime with updates, so trying to now revoke that seems unethical if not illegal.
I suppose if the company actually sold to someone else, not much anyone can do.

I bought Manycam Premium Lifetime License last month and now they have released new version and forcing people to buy another version again? This same thing happened to me before when i bought v5 lifetime and i thought this time on their website they did not said anything about version so why not buy another lifetime subscription and give it a try but guess what? they have changed their FAQ’s and now they have mentioned that lifetime license is only for v7. So now people are being forced to buy another subscription on discount or like before they will give you 1 year free which is BS as we have paid for lifetime upgrades and now with v8 they want you to paid again for 1 year or 2 years. Lifetime Subscription is gone. This company is becoming sketchy everyday with their marketing techniques and forcing people to move to xsplit which is at least clear and fair with their subscription policies. Change of ownership of company? SCAM!!! i am glad i am not too late as i will be refunding my payment right now instead of begging them to give me 1 year free instead of receiving free upgrade to new version as promised when they sold me lifetime subscription. Imgur: The magic of the Internet in account page they do not say a shit about v7 like before in Studio Subscription for v5 which can be seen in screenshot provided. This is the worst scam they have pulled off which is going to make them lose their customers. I recommend to move to xsplit as this company will remain scam as before and will not change anything for it’s customers even they have promised to provide you free upgrades with lifetime subscription.

go for xsplit they are way much better then this scam company.

What part of LIFETIME are you confused by? From your own website:

Will I get all future versions and updates of ManyCam for free?
ManyCam Lifetime subscription plans. Any paid ManyCam Lifetime subscription allows you to upgrade the ManyCam software for free whenever a newer version of ManyCam is released, i.e. with ManyCam Lifetime, you will get lifetime access to all future versions and updates of the ManyCam application for free, which includes access to the paid ManyCam features available in your subscription plan (Standard, Studio, Premium, Enterprise, Education). ManyCam Lifetime subscription plans are a one-time payment, no renewal or other fees included.

I just want to say, I came to the forums after seeing the option to pay was Annual or 2 years and I appreciate all the posts warning me against the newest upgrade. Looks like Manycam ha fallen victim to subscription greed. Disappointing, but good luck to them I guess. I’m going to a competitor where I can just buy the software, forced subscriptions are the refuge of the lazy. I’m not saying developers shouldn’t be paid, on the contrary, I WANT to pay them, but I’m not willing to be a steady stream of income for, lets be honest, slow innovation and perpetually out of date UI design. It was a good run though. :saluting_face:

I think they take us for idiots, and hope we’ll all accept that ‘lifetime’ only referred to the lifetime of version 7,x, or not notice, or something.

I’ve already had ManyCam removed from a proof of concept candidate list at work on the basis that the company is no longer trustworthy

FYI - those who bought “Lifetime” - strongly suggest you do NOT get the newer ManyCam Lite.

They’ve gated high resolutions behind the new subscription.

So while yes, it will at least “run”, it’s been nerfed.


I received a reply from Paltalk this morning… This is what it said in reply to me having a law firm that is willing t take the case…


We are currently working on a solution for lifetime users.
We will get back to you beginning of next week when the solution is in place.

Best Regards,

ManyCam Support

So we will see what they come up with

Good. I don’t begruge them needing to shift to subscriptions if it funds more development and better support, but they need to make lifetime people whole - especially since version 7 never really worked well - between the hangs, failure to reconnect cameras between restarts, and chromakey that looks like something from Max Headroom, it never lived up to expectations.

Hopefully they’ll fix it, and actually release v8 for Mac sometime soon.

Any idea what was the result of [1] Did you receive an update at the beginning of the new week?


We are currently working on a solution for lifetime users.
We will get back to you beginning of next week when the solution is in place.

Best Regards,

ManyCam Support

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Do we have any updates?

No new… so bad news…
Anybody knows anything new about our “shit lifetime” subscription? Any new
about this scamming company?

To add insult to injury, when I restarted my mac today and opened Manycam, I had an ad pop-up for PalTalk (another app of theirs I gather). So, if the comments here are accurate, not only are they not honouring the terms of our lifetime subscriptions, they’re also advertising to us in-app?