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Choppy Audio in ManyCam when routing through VoiceMeeter

EDIT - Solution found

What appears to be happening, is that ManyCam is a bit offset from the inbound vs. outbound audio.

The fix, as tested, was to increase the buffer beyond what I think it should need to be, as set in the ASIO driver settings. So in my case I had to go minimum 64, which I think is excessive (I’ve recorded through Riverside.FM perfectly fine with 16).

Still a tiny bit of choppiness but nowhere near what I was experiencing - fractional at best and I’ll live with it because excessive buffer isn’t going to work for me.


Captured audio is choppy, static-filled or both. This seems to be much worse when routed through VoiceMeeter.

@Steve_Caldwell mentioned he used it - his feedback as to whether he experienced the same when connecting to ManyCam or whether he just routes the audio directly would be helpful.

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The only reason this is a problem is that ManyCam does not support audio optimizations in its own software; thus we have to use a third party tool (hardware or software) to make the sound accurate. I don’t mind connecting the audio to the destination directly, but if I’m recording with ManyCam for local video this becomes a pain to merge it after the fact.


How do we troubleshoot audio that’s choppy ONLY in ManyCam (i.e. when monitored directly or when sent to other tools it sounds perfect)?


What audio/video sources do you use? Do you use NDI? Some complicated external audio cards?

This is a microphone recording to a Scarlett Solo via XLR, out through USB, ASIO driver. Nothing crazy.

This same setup had no choppiness at all via Audacity. Only when streaming, and worse through YouTube vs. Riverside.FM with the same config.

What I discovered is that my Zoom v3 doesn’t have the issue at all even when changing nothing. So for whatever reason the way the Scarlett is sending across, ManyCam doesn’t like it. That’s what I’ve done for now since it’s hardware related and I can’t figure out why.