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Use both manycam lite and regular manycam virtual microphone

I want to start using manycam lite.
Everything works, however i cannot seem to find it’s virtual microphone. There is one virtual microphone I can choose and it’s the regular manycam one.

Does manycamlite have it’s own virtual microphone? If so, how do I activate it? I tried finding it in system settings–> sound but there is no new device I can turn on.

@cashmkr2001 At this moment ManyCam Lite for windows does not have it’s own virtual microphone.

Thanks for the reply. What does this mean through? That it does not have a virtual microphone at all? Or that I should select the regular manycam virtual microphone (that I tried many timrs yesterday and did not work). In short: how can I use manycam lite with a virtual microphone?

Please note that in manycams own video they show a virtual microphone lite at the 1:18 mark. ManyCam Lite Tutorial - All You Need to Know - YouTube

@cashmkr2001 Unfortunately, ManyCam Lite for Windows at the moment doesn’t have a virtual mic at all.

@Chris_MC maybe you may consider ability to route sound to regular mic if possible?

BTW ManyCam Lite for macOS does have it.

I usually route all my sound through an application called Voicemeeter. It is very flexible and lets me route my sounds anywhere albeit it is a little difficult to initially set things up the way I want. I use Voicemeeter Potato which has 5 physical inputs and outputs and 3 virtual inputs and outputs. I also use their Virtual Cables.

Alright, I’ll hold of on using lite then until that is fixed. Too bad, it had the for me much sought after ‘hotkey for title/lower third’. If you could let me know ones it’s implemented, that would be great.

@Steve_Caldwell thanks for the suggestion, I’ll just switch back to manycam regular for now