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Cam Video Cropping

Some cameras capture a pretty wide field of view and can see background objects that you might not want in the frame. It would be nice to be able to crop out the edges of the capture by ctrl/alt dragging the borders to constrain the capture to a smaller area.

Here’s an example of what I’m referring to. My camera is capturing outside the edges of my green screen and I want to crop the video to keep it constrained within those edges.The only way I can find to do this with ManyCam is by zooming in, but that has negative affects on the video quality.


Hi @MagellanTX,

Welcome to the ManyCam community. Sounds great, we’ll look into this and get back to you if we have any questions. Thank you for posting the idea.

Great idea! I’d find cropping very useful too :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

This would be useful to me.

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I would love that feature as well. For me, it would make the program almost perfect. Also, it needs to be able to crop in a non-ratio constrained way. For example, If I want a portrait crop of the middle 3rd of the window, that’s what I would want.

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I’ve found I am unable to repace the whole background with an image. In your case you look like you
are just placing yourself over the top of a gaming screen.

The other thing that would be good is to enable masks so that when using the chroma key you will be able to fill the whole 16:9 background with an image. Currently the selected image is only filling the chroma key area and not the whole screen area, because my green screen is not wide enough also.

In your example, two rectangular masks, one on each side that extend the green screen to the boundary. Or one simple crop area and anything outside that crop area is also considered green screen.

I would be much happier with Manycam 7 if it had this support.

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This is the feature I need and will pay for life time today

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It would be great. I need it too

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It there an option to pay for this feature to be implemented. I have a customer that needs this solution yesterday and I would like to give them a timeline to get the feature. To be clear I am not talking about paying for a license, but paying for this feature to be developed and put into the software for everyone to benefit from.

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Would be a really nice feature, especially for green screen…

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This is also a vital feature for many of us. Please include ASAP

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How difficult can it be? Ditto on adding the feature of cropping video sources. Cheers…

I see this feature was first requested in July 2019, is there an update on when it may be added?

Hello there,

We have initial version of the crop feature (in beta!) and would like to hear your feedback:

To activate the feature, add your camera, right-click on the corresponding layer, select “Properties”, move crop handles and click on “Apply Crop”.


This works great!

Just one suggestion: would it be possible to click and drag to move the crop area once it has been defined? Currently the only way to move it is to adjust all four sides.



@Greg Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you’re liking it.

@ieo can you please add this to the ticket?

Really glad to have cropping of video feed layers. I noticed a glitch with virtual backgrounds not using the green screen.When I crop the entire width, the background is scrunched up and squeezed into the image. The virtual background is distorted when I try to crop that image.


Hi @Stephen_Bennett,

Thanks for reporting, will fix the issue.

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This is GREAT! Thanks for the enhancement. I am doing a webinar in 11 hours and now can gain back much more space for the participants to see by cropping my head shots from wide angles. Timing could not be better to find this tonight!

I am seeing another issue this morning. I am using the Mobile App ability to use my iPad and iPhone and am also using the Desktop App Window option. None of these options have the Crop capability. Is there any way that crop could simply be added to every layer so it would be a universal option. I would rank the Mobile App Crop highest and then the all other Layers. Use case: I am showing a portion of an app window and am not wanting the entire area of the app as it is not needed.

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