Cam Video Cropping

Thank you for this - love it!!!

One small thing - if you could include an option to retain the standard dimensions that would be great. At the moment, when I use Zoom and MC as my virtual camera, I have to play manually with the re-sizing to ensure I retain a full screen without black sidebars etc.

Again, thank you!

Can you please let us know whether cropping gives the same result as Zooming?

Is there any way that crop could simply be added to every layer so it would be a universal option.

I completely agree the proposal.

A new cropping function is so great and very useful. But we can’t use it for application windows now.
In my case, when a limited app window’s frame should be shown, I want to crop the app window’s frame.

If app window source can be cropped, ManyCam would fill all demands and be perfect.


Shouldn’t the cropping be so you just need to green screen the area in the crop?
Easier because the lighting on the green in the smaller crop is more consistent

Then your background should show the full image you want behind your green screen

As it works with CamTwist

The current beta is “Version 7.1.2 (May 6, 2020)”… while my current [non-beta] version is “Version”

I am just trying to find out if the crop feature is already in Version and how do I get to it… there is no Properties option in my current version.

Hey @Anonymous,

This feature is available in beta only at this moment.

The feature seems to have a fairly significant defect when used with iPad screen sharing as a “camera.”

I need two presets:

  1. One that shows the complete iPad screen (which is not 16:9, so if the entire iPad screen is filled, you’ll see a bar on the left and right side in ManyCam.
  2. Another that shows only the center 16:9 area of the iPad screen. If I’m playing a 16:9 video on the iPad, there’s a black bar above and below the video because the screen is not 16:9. Then in ManyCam, this results in a black bar on all four sides of the video - the two top and bottom are part of the iPad screen, but the two left and right are because you’re fitting the entire (non 16:9) iPad screen into a 16:9 area in ManyCam.

In previous versions of ManyCam, I could “stretch” the iPad screen camera on one preset to be larger than the ManyCam screen, effectively cutting off the top and bottom of the iPad screen so that only the middle 16:9 area of the iPad screen appeared - filling the ManyCam frame (and output).

That seems to have broken in

So, when looking for how to fix that, I found this thread about cropping in the 7x beta. I installed that, but it doesn’t work well for the iPad screen. The primary reason is that any crop I apply to the camera applies to the camera in all presets, which is not what I want. There are other little bugs, too - the cropping results in it getting stretched weird, etc.

This is on ManyCam for Mac. Please help! I depend on this feature several times per week to show my iPad screen in Zoom calls.

I was able to get the non-beta version of ManyCam reinstalled and found where I can “zoom” into the iPad image again. The comments above about the beta “crop” feature are still applicable, though; it seems it’d be best if you can crop the camera differently in each preset.

I am on a Mac but cannot seem to find the setting to do the cropping. I am on version When I right click my video sources it does not give me any options like stated above, is this only available in the Windows version currently? Really excited to try it![quote=“MagellanTX, post:1, topic:248, full:true”]
Some cameras capture a pretty wide field of view and can see background objects that you might not want in the frame. It would be nice to be able to crop out the edges of the capture by ctrl/alt dragging the borders to constrain the capture to a smaller area.

Here’s an example of what I’m referring to. My camera is capturing outside the edges of my green screen and I want to crop the video to keep it constrained within those edges.The only way I can find to do this with ManyCam is by zooming in, but that has negative affects on the video quality.

Hey @Stuff99

Please install the latest Beta:

In this version you can crop any video source via the Properties setting:

Cropping is great, but can you add it to the main Program window instead of through the properties? It’s sometimes hard to see what you’re cropping when the fixed properties window is covering part of the video you’re cropping. Being able to crop the video within the main interface in the “Program” window would be ideal. Maybe activate with a keystroke such as holding down Shift and dragging the boundary boxes.

Hey @Derick_Joe

Already added, please see: image

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Is it possible to crop any source before it’s LIVE whether it’s a pdf, image, etc. and not just camera sources?

I created a video on YouTube to answer, “How to Crop the Webcam Image”. See < Webcam Video Cropping >. :grinning: