Android emulator on pc can't connect to manycam HELP

Can someone please help me i want to connect manycams to android emulators like bluestacks or so on , how i m gonna fix this ? i checked on my pc is functional manycam but when i go to bluestacks and open camera it sais that can’t open camea…

anyone can answer my questions?

@ieo any idea why this may not work?


On this post the TS believes the reason is ManyCam is not listed in Cameras section. However ManyCam has STATIC_KSCATEGORY_VIDEO_CAMERA category. Probably, Bluestacks works with MediaFoundation only, while ManyCam driver is DirectShow, but Windows should provide a bridge from MF to DS. So it is weird it doesn’t work. I think we will contact Bluestacks support so they can help us to realize their requirements for cameras. We will continue our research for workaround as well.

I think you need to change the emulator. Bluestack is the best emulator but if you are facing the problems then now you need to change the emulator. Sometimes change and the alternatives are the best way to get rid of problems. So you can choose any one emulator by reading the article of Android Emulator This will help you to choose the one best emulator which is perfect for you.

Any update regarding this subject?
Am facing the same issue with OBS Virtual Camera on both bluestack and Android Virtual Device / emulator