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Connecting ManyCam With PC Emulator (Bluestacks)

Hello Guys, i am using Manycam in my PC
and i want to connect my Manycam virtual camera with my PC Emulator (Bluestacks)

with some other apps like skype, facebok Manycam linking and working fine

but with PC emulator bluestacks … manycam is not connecting…because inside the driver section in PC , manycam showing as ’ imaging devices ’ not as camera , i am gonna attach a picture as an example… so is there anyway if manycam show in ’ cameras ’ section so i will disable the built in camera and then use the Manycam with emulator… by the way i already tried doing that , i disabled my ‘built in camera’ but inside emulator its not linking with manycam, the reason is … see the picture below… thanks

Hey @yasik10,

Thank you for pointing that out, I’ve already contacted BlueStacks regarding this and currently expecting a reply.

my webcam shows up as an imaging device and it works with bluestacks. but can’t get manycam to work, dunno why

I’ve the same problem. When will be possible to use the manycam virtual camera like webcam in android/bluestack emulator, i will buy the license. For use to virtual background in whatsapp in bluestack

Still no reply from the BlueStacks team.

i am too having the same problem and there’s no response from bluestacks team.

Why isn’t guys from Bluestacks reply.?

So these virtual webcam will only work on 16:9 landscape screen such as the emulators camera app, Skype… but not the apps that are in portrait mode such as snapchat, instagram…

Solution: Resize the whole manycam app in portrait mode 3:4 then It’ll work.

Tips: USB webcams work for everything but you have to rotate camera if it’s a 16:9.

how to resize please told me

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any1 know how to resize manycam in vertical phone resolutions?

Figured out how to do it

how did you do it can you tell the forum?

install the memu emulator there is already a virtual camera feature by default, I’ve used it to scan the whatsapp qr code and it worked

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How to resize tell me please

Thankyou for sharing. I will resize it and test it later

can you explain the procedure please

Can you tell us how to do it? I want to use manycam in snapchat and instagram , thanks

Can it works with snapchat and instagram too?

Can you tell us how to resize manycam to portrait mode 3:4? Thanks for answering

How to resize? There are no options for that?