Add Presets to Playlists

I was playing around with presets. Trying to set-up a kind of pre and post-rolls system for different cameras for bumpers and sponsored ads, speaker into’s etc… It would be great if we could add presets to a playlist, that way we could leave from one preset, then play a video or return to another preset.

Adding cameras to the playlist kind of works; However matching cameras and effects is a pain and you can’t do overlays.

This is a must have. I cannot believe presets aren’t able to be added to a playlist. Genuinely can’t believe it. Nor do I believe it would be too difficult to implement.
In my project I only want to use chroma key on one camera. I have two other cameras and two videos files that I want to rotate through during a broadcast.
As it stands without presets being able to be added to the playlist in order to separate the effect the chroma key messes up the other camera feeds.
Can you add this asap?

Just done some more playing around with this and I’ve discovered that playlists of video/media sources are contained within presets
ie you can have different presets each containing their own playlist with different sources.

To me this is the opposite of what should be happening.

Top level should be the playlist. - and we should be able to save these under different names for different types of broadcasts

Within playlists should be the ability to add presets containing the cameras/layers/effects as needed.

Totally confused as to why you’ve done it the other way round. Makes no sense to me at all.

I am new to Msnycam but not new to video editing with layers which is what presets do in MsnyCam. I have 4 different groups that I host weekly Zoom meetings with and MantCsm allows me to make Zoom more professional. When I read what playlist do I thought great I can now create a playlist for each group and save them instead of using up all of my “Video Sources” of which I only use 2 to 4 for three if the groups. The fourth one pushes the limit. So, “Ah, playlist will work nicely.” Or so I first thought.

I agree, you severely limit the usefulness of MsnyCam by not allowing presets within Playlist.

Another solution would be a way to save a group of presets with a name. That would meet my basic need because all of my uses are live interactive sessions so I transition manually not on a predetermined time.