Preset Management Issues: Gaps, Duplicate, Enable/Disable

I have run into a strange UI issue. I want to remove a ‘gap’ of four empty presets, as seen in the picture. How do I accomplish that? I really don’t want to recreate my detailed presets just to ‘move them up’. I am really puzzled, how to accomplish such a basic thing. On the list panel on the right, those empty presets are not there to be selected and deleted.

Related question: when would Manycam get basic functions such as:

  • duplicate presets
  • disable/enable preset
  • disable/enable layer
  • Copy/Paste Layers between presets
  • context menu item to move up/down preset in the list. the current movement of presets in the list feels very buggy. Often, I move a preset, then after restart of manycam, suddenly presets have assumed other presets’ names, the list is in a mess etc.

Update: I noticed what happens on the last point: Moving Preset from (let’s say) position 10 to 5 in the list looks fine in the moment. However, after restart of manycam, the previous preset 10 will be in position 5, but carry the name of the item that was there (previous item 5).

I would really appreciate if those basics take a priority in the roadmap. They would make manycam so much easier to use…

Thanks for the hard work!


FYI, I am on Manycam on Mac. I have had all these issues also on the regular non-beta version. I updated to beta in the hope that it would be fixed.


This is an Essential function

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Est-il possible de changer les images symbolisant les camera et de les conserver

I get that moved/renamed presets bug all the time!

The ability to duplicate Presets would be great!

Saving/Loading presets is much needed. I broadcast several different webinars. Each requires a different collection of presets. Currently, I need to completely recreate a collection before each broadcast.

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I have seen the same issues; it would be great to get these basic functions fixed.

As I put in this topic, playlists should be top level with saving possible, to allow for what you’re wanting with multiple instances of presets which then contain the necessary sources/layers/effects etc

Support says this is way down the list in terms of priorities right now which is a shame because this is a core requirement as far as I’m concerned