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Zoom settings for rendering

Having some issues as well with CPU usage with ManyCam. Seems to happen the longer it stays open and in use. Almost like a memory leak. I’m troubleshooting a few things but wanted to verify best settings:

Dell PRECISION laptop with i9, 64GB, NVIDIA Quadra T2000 GPU. USB capture device (Camlink 4K and generic).

Only using it for virtual camera the Camlink and Sony a6000. I’ve set ManyCam to use Hardware Acceleration, Double Buffer and the NV GPU.

In Zoom I can select the rendering device. Should I choose the NVIDIA again (it’s set to auto). And Method is also set to auto.

Just want to figure out why it starts to hammer the CPU over time. Starts out fine but after a few hours I often need to kill the app and restart.

I had to kill it finally. For some reason Task Manager shows it with very high power usage as well as GPU/CPU and RAM. Fans Ali. Up 100% as a result which also is an issue. Guess using it on my $4K laptop is a no-go. Sad that an i9, a commercial GPU, 64GB of RAM and an M2 are not good enough.

Hey @Dean

Please provide the following:

  1. Screenshots of task manager “Processes” tab with usage for ManyCam and other processes.

  2. Export your project and send the file to


  1. If possible, please make a dump file of running ManyCam (when it consumes too much), upload to google drive or something like and email to support: