Zoom Not Getting the Picture from ManyCam Virtual Cam


The Zoom App is not showing the camera display that I see in ManyCam. How can I get Zoom to show the same camera display that I see in ManyCam?

In the Zoom app, I choose the ManyCam Virtual Camera and Zoom shows the background but it does not show the slides and me that I have set up in ManyCam (window in window, layers).

Please note that:

I am not seeing any error messages.

All of my apps (both ManyCam and Zoom) are up-to-date.

I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 running Windows 11 Education (64 bit operating system).

Same problem here - Manycam, Mac OS 13.4 (Ventura).

Things were working fine on Monday of this week, but now, on the following Sunday, the Manycam virtual webcam has vanished.

Problem occurs with Zoom - it can not find the Manycam virtual webcam.

Google Chrome also can not find the Manycam virtual webcam.

Everything is at the latest release.

I re-installed Manycam Studio, no improvement. Rebooted - no improvement.

I can turn on OBS (it is not running by default) and Zoom and Chrome can find that virtual webcam. It is only the Manycam virtual webcam that has vanished. This makes Manycam useless for me.

Same problem just started 2 weeks ago. The ManyCam virtual camera does NOT show up any place. Webex, Zoom, any. This is a real problem as I use video conferencing for all meetings now. Many thanks.

All latest software. Reloaded ManyCam AND Webex. Checked the settings in Webex Admin site - 3rd party is enabled. I have a iMac running Ventura 13.4.1

This post solves the problem: