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Anyone know what the message “You don’t have any live broadcast” means (Manycam message) when I try to stream on YouTube? My YouTube account is enabled for live streaming but Manycam doesn’t seem to be able o link up.

Please try opening this link in web browser with the account that you use for live streaming:

Then you should be able to live stream from ManyCam. Please let us know if it resolves the problem.

I’m not sure am I doing something wrong, but only way I can get around of this problem is to add custom server and add stream key, server url and my Youtube login. That Youtube button doesn’t seem to work. It only says that I’d need to enable live streaming on my account. Bit annoying and some how it feels that my stream keeps breaking up. That might be because of my internet connection though.

Hi - I am having the same problem. I did create a custom YouTube RTMP connection from looking at the link above and that worked but I wasn’t offered any options for titling, privacy, or the URL to send people for watching. Can you please let me know how to do that?

The preset YouTube connection doesn’t work. Does my ManyCam email have to be the same as the YouTube account for it to see it?

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ManyCam crashes every time I try to turn streaming on for YouTube. I was originally having issues with it saying that I did not have streaming enabled as well. It has worked for a number of months before.

HI @VibeNConga,

If you see “need to enable live streaming” try to logout from your YouTube account in ManyCam, then login back:


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