Youtube streaming channel dies after 2 days

My youtube streaming connection with manycam dies after approx 2 days operation. I sent log files to manycam support but they could not find any reason in manycam SW. Does anyone have experienced the same phenomene and/or has an idea how to resolve this problem?

Hey @hazet,

Try to logout from YT then login again:

Thats what I’m doing after YT stopped the streaming. How can I avoid YT interrupting every 2 days. I can’t see a reason for this annoyance . . .

YouTube has limits for number of live streaming per days and also to length (12 hours). May this be your case?

I also have this issue. I do not stream for more then 12 hrs and also only run a stream once a week. Every week I have to logout and re-login every time before I start a stream. This is new behavior, as I never had to do this before. (Changed in the last 2-ish months)