Youtube resolution problem

Hi everyone, I’m using ManyCam on Windows to stream live on Youtube. We’re using a resolution of 720p (30 frames), but Youtube Studio complains that the stream has a resolution of 1280 x 736.

Any idea how to fix this? Doesn’t seem to be critical, as stream looks good …



Hey @mcgege

Could you please post screenshots illustrating ManyCam settings and the YT notification?

Hi @Mikhail,

I’ve attached a screenshot from Youtube Studio - it says:

Check video resolution. The current resolution of 1280 x 736 is not optimal.

It seems to be a problem of this specific streaming system as I have tried it with another system (same ManyCam version, same Youtube stream) and there I didn’t get the warning.

Which information can I send you to debug this?

Greetings, Michael

have you checked the setting of your ManyCam? Could you provide a screenshot of the settings?

Sorry for the delay - I didn’t have access to this laptop: