YouTube links not loading


Just purchased lifetime Studio license. Version 7, WIN10.

I tried 30 different Youtube links to add to Manycam. Not a single one loaded. I get error messages.
I also tried with links of my own videos.

Is this function even working. This feature was main reason I purchased this SW.

Thank you

I am having the same problem. just like you, I also just bought the life time Studio license for version 7 for Mac

I have the same problem. Keen to solve it! I read and followed the advice on this Manycam help sheet but got nowhere:

I have tried to use the long URL on YouTube and it still still get the same error message.

Thanks! Drives you mad doesn’t it!

Yes It does, especially when you have paid for it…:frowning:

I will let you know when I solve it! :slight_smile:

Thanks, would be nice to use doing my upcoming teaching sessions. :slight_smile:

I haven’t solved it yet, but I am currently trying to with the help of fellow teachers in the following link:

You may want to read this conversation on the Facebook group called British Teachers Group:

if you can access it/join it.

If you can’t, it is recommending you first download the video onto ‘Keepvid’:

and then insert it via ‘Media files’ rather than ‘Youtube link’.

I will still let you know if I eventually sort it!!

Thanks for the update, and that is what I have been doing also. :slight_smile: I use some site to download the video and then add it to manycam. Thank you for your continued research.

Hi, thanks! Please can you help me do what you have successfully done? Can you please tell me in a numbered step, by step manner, what software you use, give me a link to it and tell me how to use it to put the YouTube video successfully onto Manycam?


Just got answer from helpdesk:

"Hi there,

Thank you for your request. At the moment YouTube is changing quite a few things related to how the videos are ingested by ManyCam, which we then need to release fixes for.
We’re looking at a new way which will be released soon that will remedy this issue on a more “permanent” basis.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

Best Regards,
ManyCam Support"

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Thank you for the information.

But they did not give a timeframe?

No, they did not give a time frame. :frowning:
It sucks that I have to download first then add to Mancam, takes for longer wait times to create presentations.

Yes it sucks. I upgraded yesterday from version 5.0 to 7 to find that youtube links do not work. Downloading and inserting as a mediafile is boring, takes time etc. I hoped that version 7 would do the trick again like version 5.0 did for a long time.

But more crazy is, you can not use desktops anymore. I only get black screens. Any suggestion? Any help on that?

In order to use the app window, which I just learned. You will need to have ManyCam open on half the screen and the other App open as well. This will allow you to add an App to your preset.

I think this world best with two monitors.

I hope that this will help. I am new to this and I am still learning, not much learning documentation for te APP.

Hey everyone,

We released a new version to production yesterday with an intermittent fix for YouTube videos not loading on Windows, if you are interested please update at and let me know if it works for you.


It works perfect for me, is there a way to change the quality of the youtube video? I only obtain SD quality and look ugly

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Hey @ravenhorus glad to hear!

For quality, due to the change we made we need to add quality options in ManyCam, this is going to be one of the next things we add.

EDIT: Sorry about that we actually didn’t change this it’s still in the software, you can change the resolution by clicking on the “SD” in the YouTube video preview.


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