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Yet another thread about camera time out

I have 4 webcams, and the 4th doesn’t want to show up. If I change the frame-per-second, the one that didn’t show before now shows, but one of the other disappears. Loos like 3 is my limit??
Manycam pro latest, on M1 mac mini latest Monterey


Hey @aldan ,

Maybe you run out of USB bandwidth?

  • Make sure your USB camera is connected to its own USB port. Avoid connecting your webcam through a USB hub
  • Disconnect all other devices from your USB ports including USB hubs (multiple USB ports may be sharing the bandwidth of the same USB controller even though they may be physically separated (i.e. front and back of computer case)

yeah, it’s a mac mini, as I said, i don’t have that many ports. But thanks for the advice


BTW, Does it work if you plug just to USB Cameras (“USB Camera” and “USB Camera (2)”)? There was a bug when such configuration (same names) doesn’t work, maybe the bug is back.

no, those two cameras are working. The one that doesn’t is Okiocam. When I change the framerate the Okiocam works but USB Camera 1 doesn’t. I’ll see where they are plugged in, but I have a complicated hookup, with 2 monitors, external drives and a thunderbolt audio interface. Luckily I don’t really need the Okiocam, but still. I have this happening before and I don’t remember how i fixed it. Maybe just moving around the cameras to different usb ports.
As a side note, the Standard plan allows for up to 50 cameras. I would really like to see this in real life, since I have such hard time with 4… On an M1 mac. Hmm…