Wireless EASY Streaming Camera for ManyCam?

I am looking for a super simple WiFi battery powered camera that automatically streams to ManyCam on startup. We run a wedding venue and use ManyCam to live stream our ceremonies. I have a GoPro that I use to stream a good view of the ceremony, but it takes logging into the GoPro app, clicking past some ads, starting live stream and then finally I see the picture as an RTSP source.

I am looking for something much much simpler. Does anyone know of a WiFi, battery powered camera that as soon as I turn it on, it links to a known WiFi and starts streaming to a known RTSP server. I don’t mind using an app to set it up initially, but I want to just have these cameras on a charger, then turn em on and be ready to live stream. The EMEET cameras are really close, but even those have an app.