Wire connection with iPhone

Hi! I’m new to the forum but have been using ManyCam for a long time. Currently I have started using ManyCam to stream on a YouTube channel and I use the possibility of having multiple input channels to do multi-angle footage. I currently use mobile devices wirelessly and wanted to ask if I could wire my smartphones to the Mac for a more stable connection.

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Hey @Adrenocortico

Right now, there’s no such feature. I’ve moved your post to Suggestions.

Your issue has sorted out?

Here is my FAVORITE WAY to connect either a MacBook Pro or an iMac to an iPhone or Ipad (or both at the same time) in Manycam:
I connect both a iPad and an iPhone via Apple installed QuickTime. Connect devices to computer via USB’s. Bring QT to task bar. Open QT and Click on the black arrow below the QT icon on the task bar. Click New Movie recording. A screen pops up. Click red dot by the side of the camera. Under Camera: you should see both devices listed iPhone and IPad. If not repeat the above steps…(the first time and only the first time, I had to toggle a bit). Now open a pre-set in Manycam. Click on Plus sign. Under Camera: you should see FaceTime camera , iPhone, and iPad all available…voila!

Note: Your iPhone or iPad must be opened and unlocked in order to show up under camera in QT.

I’m confused, maybe I’m misunderstanding.
I’m currently using two iPads and one iPhone connected to my Mac via USB and it’s working smoothly and reliably.

Hey @Graz

Are you screencasting the devices or using them as USB webcams?