Win10: Can't move video layer after scaling/magnifying it

I can’t seem to move a video layer (talking head) once I’ve magnified it.
Is there a way to do this, or, is it a bug?



I’vwe also had this problem since day one. I use the Mac version. Often I delete the layer and start all over again. Very awkward.

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I also have this problem. Would be really glad to know if there is something you can do about it.

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I just bought ManyCam. $126 and I find we can’t crop video… not ideal. We can zoom in and center though, which is a decent temporary fallback… but I too (on a Mac) have the problem of that once you Zoom a video source… you can’t get out of zoom & pan mode, you’re locked in forever and cannot move the source. This needs a fix, asap. Also… cropping the video is such a basic thing I didn’t think I’d have to ask before I bought. Camtwist (which was free) had this years ago.

Hello there,

This bug is in our roadmap. As a workaround you can reset zoom back to 100% (i.e. no zoom) and move the layer, then zoom it again.
Crop is available in beta.

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