Why don't these features work reliably ? Chromakey green screen/ replace, custom area, effects fail to show, audio video don't match, Type function fails on some screens

I have several issues with ManyCam that I want to get off my chest and pray to God the ManyCam creators fix asap. I am my wit’s end. I paid for Lifetime Subscription so that I could make my lessons fun and exciting. I figured spending the extra money would be worth it. Hmmmm not so much…

I spent all that money on studio lighting and a green screen background but no matter what I do or tips I try, I get this spooky, wavy blue action going on around my blond hair, or speckles in certain areas of my background. This happens regardless of whether I use color picker or auto. Same problem with ‘replace’ option.
Also when I click on a custom background for the replace option; nothing happens. ( in other words’ my custom background simply doesn’t appear). It does for the green screen/ chromakey feature, but the wavy weirdness makes it not worth using.

If I hold anything up to the camera that has been laminated, the student can’t see it. In fact most of my props get messed up with chroma key. I’m at the point that I just use my green screen as my regular background and I use a few little Dino effects in the corner of screen to look professional. But I give up on the chroma key feature. It’s just too unstable. Other platforms offer flawless green screen and replace features. (Think ZOOM).

Today some of the effects I clicked on wouldn’t show up on the screen ??? What happened to them ?? This software is going from somewhat problematic to multiple issues becoming problematic.

I have one or two screens of my 20 (offered with Lifetime version) that won’t let me use the typing option on the screen option. What’s up with that ??

None of my recordings ever actually record consistently. Very unreliable.
When they do record, my mouth is doing one thing while my audio is doing another. I’ve tried all the recommended tips to make my audio match my video. So that is another feature I’ve given up on.

Recently one of my desktop custom screen outlines disappeared on me when I was teaching a recent class. I couldn’t focus on a particular area that was essential to my lesson. I was frantic and extremely stressed out. This entire platform would be great if it did what we paid for it to do. But it is unreliable and thus makes us look like idiots. Not to mention I spend a lot of time preparing my lessons and when stuff doesn’t work out of no where for no apparent reason, it is very frustrating to have spent all that time on a lesson that ultimately didn’t work as it was supposed to have.

Why give us half rate stuff to work with?? This is my job here we are talking about. Please give us what we paid for. Not happy at all.

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I agree. I have wasted too much time trying to fix these issues. It’s not good enough

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It’s August 6, 2021 now and I have yet to hear back from my gripes listed above last December. Does the Lifetime Premium support people even monitor these forums ? I see some people get responses. All I got was an email suggesting I uninstall and reinstall, but duh; we already know how to do that. And it doesn’t fix a thing. I continue to bumble along with all these issues and some new ones as follows:

  • Last month I lost pay for two classes because my audio/video was out of sync. Looks like when you watch a foreign film that dubs a different language. I won’t watch a flick with dubbing because it is obnoxious to see the mouth out of sync with the audio. So it is ridiculous that we look like that given we are teaching English. These kids need to clearly see our mouths as we are teaching them various sounds.

  • Those two failed classes required I do an IT test at 3:30 a.m. when I’d rather have been sleeping.The end result was (and THIS IS HUGE), my ping and download speed with the VIPkid server test program was unacceptable. This almost caused me to fail the IT test. Failure means I am banned from teaching for 30 days, so a month with no pay. And banned forever if the problem isn’t resolved !!!
    It wasn’t until the guy told me to turn off ManyCam and only use my external camera, that the ping and DL speed became within the admissible range. So it looks like I can’t use ManyCam anymore unless SUPPORT fixes these issues, particularly the audio-video lag that I was sighted on. For the record, my desktop machine has loads of power/ storage, etc and there are no other devices being used during the time I am using ManyCam.

  • If there is some kind of maintenance that we should be doing to alleviate these issues where is that written? I see in the forums stuff like ‘dump files’ or update drivers, or graphics cards, etc. When I go to update any ManyCam drivers I get a message from Windows telling me it is not advised to change the drivers and it says they are 32 bit. My OS is 64 bit. Does that have anything to do with anything??

  • I continue to have some presets that won’t let me type on them with the text feature. I have emptied those presets and reloaded them but still, I can’t type on them.

  • The custom screen is also troublesome. It’s very difficult to adjust quickly in the classroom.

  • The latest issue is especially problematic: When switching between presets, I can’t easily click on the ‘trans’ or ‘cut’ button as it fades away just as I’m about to click on it. So while the student is waiting for me to reappear; I have to frantically click on another preset with my image hoping it will open properly. It eventually does but not without some time-consuming clicking to make it open. This makes for a very choppy and unprofessional class.

  • Today I upgraded to and instead of an improvement; MCam crashed 4 times in my 25-minute lesson! My face froze and MCam just disappeared from my screen?? The student is screaming at me, where are you?? I can’t see you. I had to restart MCam each time. Is this what happens when you upgrade? The new version seems to replace one bug with another. I am afraid I will not get paid for today’s class as well and fear I may be at risk of losing my job.
    What can be done about these issues? Please advise. I paid for something I’m simply not getting. Hopefully, I don’t have to wait 8 months for your reply. Thanks in advance. I trust you will do the right thing and honor what I paid for.

Hi @Meljan,

  1. As for audio/video sync, do you use ManyCam Virtual Microphone, or select your regular mic in your app? Try to select ManyCam Mic.
  2. If you believe that ManyCam consumes a lot of traffic I would recommend to install an analyzer software like https://www.glasswire.com/ and see how much traffic is sent by each app.
  3. Sometimes bad/old drivers may be a problem, but better provide us with crash dumps as I replied you in another topic.
  4. Please record video of texts bugs and send to support@manycam.com. You may also try to reset settins (Start -> ManyCam -> Resete Settings), but all your settings and login session will be lost.
  5. You may use hotkeys to switch between presets, Alt+1, Alt+2, etc to make a transition, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 to cut.
  6. Unfortnately beta may be unstable, please use regular builds.