Which GPU is better? NVIDIA Quadro or NVIDIA GeForce

I am looking to get a new laptop and will be running ManyCam there. I am using one 1080 HD camera, near 4K document camera, mirroring my ipad in my PC (and capturing that window) and 1920x1080 mobile camera + am using all 12 presets. I will be using multiple (2-3 additional) displays in addition to my laptop display

My ManyCam feeds into zoom (which is what I use for live video conferencing).

Current configuration: I use 3 displays (1 laptop + 1 HDMI into my laptop + 1 USB-C to HDMI).

I want to go with dedicated GPU and am seeing there are different types of GPUs used - NVIDIA Quadro for engineeding/CAD type of work and GeForce for video games


I am also possibly looking to do some live streaming (to youtube) and video editing as well.

Which GPU should I go with? And why?

GeForce is generally better for multiple displays and live streaming since they are ment to be fast. Quadro are made to be precise (deep calculations like the ones on AutoCAD).
But is more important the processor since ManyCam is an intensive CPU program, the dedicated card is only used to encode the video in most laptops. If you have more questions about I will be around