Where are objects stored on the Mac?

  1. On the mac, where are manycam objects stored? I can’t seem to find them in application support, or in the manycam folder, or package contents.
  2. If I write files to that folder, will Manycam recognize them–without a restart?

Rationale: I’d love to write/store object files in one folder––scanned upon file change by Manycam.
In this scenario, I would write a python script to write gif/png/mp4/mcv files to a folder polled by Manycam. For example, loading all the backgrounds and gifs––for the classroom topic ‘Trip to Australia’: Koala gif, Surfing background, sunglasses face accessory, hat, and etc.
One triggered script…and whamo…you’ve loaded everything you need for a class…and when class is over…you can remove the folder…no mess

Hi @Graham_Anderson,

Effects are stored in /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Visicom Media/ManyCam/effects/Video

I don’t know any option to do it without restart, maybe @Mikhail can help. If not, it is better to mark this topic as suggestion.

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thank you for the file location, leo :slight_smile:
In that folder, looks like all objects are converted to ‘mcv’ format. Outside of ManyCam, Is it possible to convert a (gif/png/whatever) file into MCV?
Perhaps, that is a bit of code you can open source—as MCV is manycam-specific.

In my case, I’m using python to query my database and then write classroom-specific files (gifs/png/mp4) to a folder…
If I could pre-convert them to MCV, perhaps, that would simulate a drag/drop of files onto the ManyCam interface?