Whats next at ManyCam, Virtual Backgrounds, Cropping, NDI Support more

Hello everyone!

This has been a weird month for everyone, and here at ManyCam there are a lot of changes being made to better accommodate working, teaching and keeping in touch with friends and family from home.

Due to all of this craziness, I wanted to make a post to update the community on what we’re doing to help you continue to stay safe while also staying productive.

Support tickets and queue

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen a massive influx of new users, this initially was a strain on our support team and caused some delays in responding to tickets. Over the past week, we’ve added to that team and are aiming to reduce response time as much as possible.

We are continuing to monitor this internally and we will add more resources as we go to keep up with demand.

Virtual Backgrounds and Background Blur

Last week, we released a brand new feature for Studio+ users that allows you to have Virtual Backgrounds and Background Blurring without a green screen. This feature is brand new, and we wanted to get it out to our users as quick as possible to accommodate everyone who is working from home. We will be updating this feature, improving quality, performance and hardware support as much as we can constantly.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback on this feature please let us know either by email or by posting here and we will get back to you as quick as we can!

As with any release, but especially in such demanding times, the goal is to have something up and running as quickly as possible for you, so the UI, functionality and settings of Virtual Backgrounds might change on a day to day basis.

NDI Support

This is a highly requested feature and we just wanted to keep you guys updated on development. We’re working on implementing NDI support as quickly as possible but due to Covid-19 there have been some delays.

The plan is to implement support in two phases, the first phase being NDI as a video source in ManyCam, and then phase 2, where ManyCam would be able to be used as an input in another software. Development will be starting on this soon and we will try and keep you posted on timelines.

Webcam Cropping

In the next week or so, we will be adding a way to crop the Webcam video source, this will allow you to crop out parts of your video that you might not want people to see so they can focus on what is most important, you!

Performance and bug fixes.

In parallel with the above, we also wanted to let you know that we’re monitoring performance on Windows and Mac through support tickets and internal testing and are planning all new developments around making sure ManyCam works well on all desktops, laptops and mobile phones.

Improvements we make change on a day to day basis and we release fixes to manycam.com/beta as quick as they become available to us, in the future, when things start to get back to normal this will be the primary place to get the latest builds of ManyCam that might include brand new features, experimental performance enhancements and beta releases.

Virtual Webcams being blocked on Zoom for MacOS

This is another thing we’re trying to get resolved, due to an update in Zoom, a MacOS feature has been enabled that restricts Zoom from loading plugins that aren’t digitally signed by either Zoom or Apple.

What was removed was the “Disable Library Validation” entitlement.

Mac users may have seen this issue last year when Google Chrome inadvertently blocked Virtual Webcams, but since then Google has resolved this and moved the webcam capture to a different process where they added the “Disable Library Validation” entitlement allowing that specific process to interface with the ManyCam plugin.

If anyone would like to follow how the Chromium team did this, you can check out the Chromium support ticket here: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=990381

We’re currently in contact with Zoom, Apple and others on how to get this resolved. We hope, through mutual cooperation, Virtual Webcams like ManyCam will be able to be used again with these applications.

So far this issue doesn’t affect other popular applications like Skype, Skype for business and others but we are monitoring the situation and will provide updates as we get them.

In addition to the above, we’re planning tonnes of new features, improvements and huge changes to effects to make live streaming, conferencing and just keeping in touch with loved ones easier.

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I have an Enterprise (2 users) annual subscription and in current version ( virtual background without a green screen and Blur function don’t work for me.
Whenever I click on either of these option I get a pop up with information that I need to upgrade my subscription.
Do I really need to upgrade? My subscription is more expensive than Studio and I suppose it should work in Enterprise (2 users) without any issues.

Hey @kkdobrowolski

Your license does support this feature as it’s Studio+, I will send you a message to see what might be the issue.

Great to hear that there is a focus on getting virtual backgrounds work well. Look forward to the coming improvements!

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Hey @maik if you’re on Mac there is a new beta as of today too with better segmentation and hand detection (in progress).

Hi, I am a fairly new user and just updated to the virtual background (Mac Pro 2017 user). Does this mean that I can ONLY use the virtual background. I have not been able to access the regular old green screen and add a custom background. When trying to make a new pre-set, I can no longer find the face-time camera to create a background behind me. I am confused. Do you have instructions anywhere that I can read.