WebRTC stream as video source? (macOS)

Of all the input sources, ManyCam seems to be missing the hottest one: WebRTC? I would love to use streams of our Jitsi or the wonderful OBS-Ninja, to bring guests in the stream with a green room.

I am on Mac with ManyCam Studio. So the “Web source URL” source is missing here, but that does not seem to be WebRTC anyway?

Hey @Ernie

This feature is called RTMP Ingest, currently a Windows-only feature.

No, RTMP is a different protocol. Would be very welcome to have on Mac as well, but is TCP based (WebRTC is UDP).

@Ernie WebRTC is not functional by itself but requires signaling for SDP exchange (and plus sometimes TURN server). As far as I know signaling is not part of WebRTC standard so each service provider use their own protocol (usually custom JSON over WebSocket). This means that it will require custom implementation for each service. At this time I would recommend converting WebRTC from 3rd party software to NDI and then opening it in ManyCam. You can also use mobile app (iOS, Android) to invite remote users (works in global network, not only in local network). I believe inviting friends on desktop is upcoming.

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