Webcam Freezes after about 30 minutes

Hi, I have been using a Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 webcam and while live streaming to Facebook and Youtube it freezes about 30 minutes in. The mic still works, just the video freezes. I am using it as a picture in picture layer on top of my powerpoint presentation. Any tips as to how I might fix this? The resolution is set to 720p at 30FPS. ~Thank you

Hi @bitterroot98,

At first, please make sure you use the latest version:

When/if it freezes next time please open Task Manager, right-click on ManyCam and select “Create dump file”. It will create a (big) file and show you its name. Please upload the file somewhere and send the link using our contact form


I am having a similar problem on MacOS X Catalina. I am unsure how long, but ManyCam just freezes the camera input. HELP!

I have the same issue, that a cam (a Logitech C920)'s video eventually freezes if I have manycam loaded, even if I’m using the camera directly in other software (i.e. Skype). But the camera unfreezes if I quit ManyCam.

I’m on a Mac running macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave). ManyCam version is

I am having a similar problem. I have a video camera hooked up through a video capture device to a MacBook Pro with an I9 processor. It will randomly disconnect from the camera, or if I have other cameras on the preset it will start to jump to another camera and eventually disconnect. I am running ManyCam

I just noticed today that it also disconnects from the built in webcam.

Should I be changing a setting or am I out of luck?

@Edward_Charlton @vulcan666

The reason may be in race between Skype and ManyCam. In recent macOS updates something was broken and when 2 apps try to decode JPEG camera stream it doesn’t work anymore (you can see internal decoding errors in Console app). To workaround the problem you may try to switch from JPEG to any other format e.g. to YUY2: right click on the layer with the camera, select Properties then switch to any non MJPEG format:

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