Visual Badge for Global Mute or Driver Stream Disabled

I’ve been playing around with a remote keyboard app (ActionPad if anyone else is interested) on my iPad to feed keystrokes to my PC. This lets me create custom buttons for ManyCam on my iPad for switching presets quickly, global muting or disabling the driver stream when ManyCam is in the background and buried under other app windows.

The problem is I can’t tell the current status of ManyCam without bringing it to the foreground and digging into things. I can’t seem to find a driver stream status indicator in any event so if someone knows where that’s reflected in the ManyCam console and could let me know, I’d be much appreciative.

I would suggest an “always on top” mini status indicator for ManyCam to help keep track of the stream status on a busy desktop. Or, at least more obvious indicators in the console. When you trigger the “Mute all sounds” hotkey, it flips the “Global Sounds” switch on the Audio panel to off but there’s no indicator anywhere else on the visible console bits. So, if you’re not looking at that panel, you can’t tell you’re muted if you forget you hit that hotkey.

Anyhoo, just my unsolicited suggestion for tonight.