Virtual webcam not working in GoToMeeting (Windows 10)


I’m a new user of ManyCam and quite happy with the product, with one important exception: it is effectively unusable with GoToMeeting.

Nine times out of ten, the virtual webcam is inaccessible when starting or joining a GTM meeting (so is the USB camera, of course, since ManyCam is using it). In the GTM preview window, I am presented with an endlessly spinning wait cursor:

I’m aware from scanning these forums that related problem have been reported over the course of the past year. I do not, however, see any indication that they have been resolved.

I have raised the issue with the GTM folks at LogMeIn, but have not yet received a response.

Any guidance or assistance will be much appreciated.


Additional note: I’ve just discovered that ManyCam wouldn’t work for me in a Zoom meeting I was asked to join. In this case, I had to reboot the system before I could access the physical USB camera (I may have missed a relevant process while trying to kill all the ManyCam related stuff in the Task Manager, of course).

Hi qlency, Agreed as your screen grab shows, the GoToMeeting camera Preview doesn’t work. But when you’ve Joined the GoToMeeting, a single Camera off/on toggle makes it work.

Not always. I use GoToMeeting on a daily basis and have problems with ManyCam since they updated the version with the new interface. I hope this can be fixed from the ManyCam side.

Yes, after trying Narundi’s workaround and having it work successfully several times, it failed to work yesterday in a GTM meeting. I had to shut down the processes associated with both ManyCam and GTM and then launch everything over again.

Hey @qluency

We have isolated the issue, but won’t be able to fix it as it is on GTM’s end.

Thank you, Mikhail.

Both companies have pretty much the same response on this one: It’s the other guy’s problem.

Oh, well, hardly unusual in the digital world.