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Virtual cams like ManyCam not supported in our app - how to fix

Hello, I’m a developer @ Kumospace and we create video conferencing software. The desktop version of our product doesn’t support virtual cams like Manycam for an unknown reason, this seems to be due to a macOS security issue. I see Manycam developers were at one point working with providers like zoom and may have some know-how on how to fix this issue: Virtual Webcams enabled in Zoom 5.0.4

Been doing research on how to fix this issue but haven’t been able to identify how some apps, like zoom and slack, can access virtual cams, while others like our app and Photo Booth, can’t. Appreciate any tips tremendously!

Pinging @Chris_MC from the thread on Zoom update

Since virtual camera is a Plug-in, you need to add Disable Library Validation Entitlement to allow your app to load plugins (consider security thought).