Virtual Camera Not Showing

My named Virtual Camera is no longer showing as a camera option

Any suggestions on what to jiggle?

Not in the old version of Zoom 4.6.8 (19178.0323)
Not in the Chrome browser camera settings

I’m pretty sure it was showing last week
The only thing I think that changed was an upgrade from Studio Lifetime to Premium lifetime

Hey @Uhnnohn can you please exit/close Chrome and then restart ManyCam and see if that helps?

@Mikhail do you have any feedback here? Restarts of Chrome have worked in the past for this but I have not seen this issue in a long time.

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Chrome restart did it, thanks
Now ManyCam shows in Chrome settings dropdown and old version of Zoom

Any idea why?
I would hate to have to close all of my Chrome tabs and sign into everything every time I want to use Zoom with ManyCam