Virtual Camera in Silicon macOS

I run a M1 Mac Mini
I run macOS Sonoma 14 with latest updates
Latest Zoom
And ManyCam 8, updated and licensed studio subscription

I have a PTZ Cameras pointed at stage, that is to far away for a video cable. So I access it using Web Portal using local IP Address

I use RTSP to configure the cameras in ManyCam

Then I enable the ManyCam virtual camera in Zoom

After updating to macOS Sonoma 14.1, I had to enter the system-override command in Recovery mode to enable the virtual camera without notification.

So Cameras plugged in via cable or that use the virtual camera firmware that uses new Mac system extensions, will appear in the Apple Menu - FaceTime control.

The latest macOS update also adds Apple Video effects that is also hand-gesture recognition. Sometimes, during professional Zoom events, I need to turn off these hand-gesture reactions.

However, I cannot turn off the embedded Apple Reactions that appear via the ManyCam virtual camera feed

This is because even though the ManyCam app appears under the Apple Menu - FaceTime control, the ManyCam Virtual Camera itself does not, due to the system-override without notification command.

When will ManyCam be updating the ManyCam virtual camera to use Apples new modern system extensions and embedded Facetime reactions?