Virtual background

I have read the other forums and still can not get my virtual backgrounds to work. Can someone please give me the steps so I can check to see what I am doing wrong.

It is so important that I get it up and running as my office was destroyed when a huge–I mean huge tree fell into our house above my office. We now have a BIG hole in the ceiling with some rafters on floor and others hanging about my head when I sit down. I had to move to my other bedroom but we also had to store items from 2 rooms in this bedroom. PLEASE help before a parent or VIPKID complains!

Thanks, Vicky


I posted the above. Manycam sent me info about setting up virtual backgrounds. I followed the instructions but this is the message that I am getting. Where do I go from here?

Here are my system devices:

Can I not do virtual backgrounds without green screen because I have a Sierra High Version 10.12.6 and need a 10.13.4? Thanks if there happens to be anyone out there in ManyCam cyber land…LOL


Hey @peacock57,

Your macOS must definitely be at least 10.13.4 to run Virtual Backgrounds.