Virtual background module download

I have been using Manycam Premium Lifetime for months now, and I now cannot use The Virtual Background Feature.
Message asking me to download the module, and it fails

@Freedomcarechurch what is your manycam version?

Thank you for your quick response
The Manycam version is Premium Lifetime, and I cannot get details of my profile either,
I believe I have three Licenses




Would you try to download it manually?

  1. Download this archive in your browser:
  2. Close ManyCam completely (Ctrl+Q)
  3. Extract the archive into %AppData%\ManyCam\VirtualBackground folder (type %AppData%\ManyCam folder in explorer and create VirtualBackground folder or clear if it already exists).

A bit closer. I have the option to use the Chroma Key, but not the BLUR or REPLACE option
Get Message—Need to download Virtual Background module to continue.
Also, I cannot Extract the Archive in the allocated folder you supplied info to.
I had to extract the archive into the Download folder. I then replaced the extracted file into the exsisting Virtual Background folder.
It appears that this happens everytime I have an update (

Hi Ieo.
Gave up on finding solution for problem’
An old saying “all else fails read the instructions”
In this instance there weren’t any. So I reinstalled the Program.
Works Great.
You can now close the ticket. Thanks for your help anyway.
Looks like the problem was with the program itself