Videos and Cameras Freeze for 5 seconds and Beta Question

I am encountering 5 second or greater picture freezes on Cameras and video sources. I’m using
This problem only began when I updated my software to The freeze does not seem to happen on the recorded file or on the Facebook or Youtube feed. The only place I see it is on the desktop.

I have not made any changes to my computer the only thing I did was update Manycam.

Also question on the Beta. The download button says to download the Beta down the page, it says there is a beta that came out yesterday Jun 15th. Where do we download that one?

The freezing of cameras and video sources is repeatable and constant on my computer. The video freezes for about five seconds the computer pinwheels briefly and then the video starts moving again . This sequence repeats constantly.

I reinstalled and there were no freezes.
Then I reinstalled again no freezes on cameras or video playback.

When I reloaded the freezes starting happening again.



Hey @Freditor,
Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience.
To help us to debug the problem, please next time when ManyCam freezes (please catch the moment exactly), open Task Manager, expand More Details, find ManyCam and click on Create dump file:

This file will contain exact state of ManyCam, so we could detect the problematic place.

Please wait until it completes, then copy the result file path:

After that upload the file (it will be big – about 500M) somewhere (Dropbox, Google drive) and send the link to

The problem of the freezing video seems to have been fixed in Beta Version

I just installed it and did some testing. i will keep you advised if a encounter freezing issues